Thursday, 22 March 2018

Product Reviews (5) - Vogmask

These are masks which have N99 particle filtering media. The masks have a carbon filter for odour too.

These masks have a exhalation valve filter which makes it easier to breathe.

It can be hand-washed but it has a lifespan.

I find that it works better than the cloth masks which do not have the valve filter. The valve filter really does help and makes breathing easier. It's not stuffy and does not heat up. It also filters horrible smells. The only setback is that it is quite pricey as one costs about RM120+ each.

I think it is a good investment. But I only use them when I need to use masks at a long interval. If I need masks for a short interval, I would use the ones without the valves. That way, the Vogmasks can last longer.

Vogmask also sells masks with DUAL valve filters.

To find out more about Vogmask, click on LINK.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Shortage of EpiPens

The yearly hunt for new EpiPens begins one month before the ones I have expire. This year is no exception.

Imagine my horror when I was told that there hasn't been any new EpiPen stock in Malaysia for the past few months! My usual pharmacist at the hospital nearby told me that she had a patient who was on the waiting list for the past 5 months and had recently given up waiting!

There is only one company which imports the EpiPens into Malaysia and apparently they don't keep any stock of the pens. If there is demand, then only will they bring it in. And bringing EpiPens into Malaysia now requires TWO permits. Miss Pharmacist told me that she would contact the supplier to inquire and keep me updated.

She returned my call and told me that the situation was still the same. Currently there was no stock of EpiPens in Malaysia. I would be placed on the waiting list and no one knows what the time frame of the waiting list would be. She did not know anything beyond that.

I could not accept this kind of answer as it is ridiculous beyond words. The EpiPen is a life-saving drug.

I called the other hospitals to find out what was happening.

Hospital A came back with the same answer. They have not dispensed EpiPens for the past year as there was difficulty getting the pens. The pharmacist at Hospital A told me that they received a memo stating that EpiPens have been discontinued and no longer in production. I told her that this cannot be true. If it is true, what is the equivalent that has replaced the EpiPens? One cannot just leave the patients out there to die.

She said there was none.

I then ask her what do the doctors give patients who have life-threatening allergies when they are discharged from the ERs/wards?

She said there was none.

I almost went ballistic. I know that in UK, every person who has experienced an allergy attack is given an EpiPen when they are discharged. Don't tell me the allergies in Malaysia are different from the ones in UK? Our Malaysian allergies do not kill?! She then asked me whether is it a must for me to have this EpiPen. My blood was boiling at this point. I gave up and hung up.

Hospital B came back with the same answer: no EpiPens in stock or sight.

Hospital C was the same. So was Hospital D.

But all hospitals couldn't tell me why there wasn't any stock.

I then did some research online about this Malaysian pharmaceutical company who is the only licensed supplier to bring in the EpiPens into Malaysia. I called them.

I was transferred from one department to another department. I felt like I was going around on a merry-go-round. Round and round and round with no answer.

I was asked the same questions over and over again with every new person who answered the call that was transferred:

"Siapa ini?" "Who is this?"

"You dari mana?" "Where are you from?"

"Siapa suruh you call kita?" "Who instructed you to call us?"

"Apa pen itu?" "What pen is that?" You must be bloody kidding me to ask me what pen! You're a pharmaceutical company!

"Apa? Saya tak tahu lah." "What? I don't know lah."

And one of them even hung up on me before I could even finish my sentence.

Bloody hell.

I called back and I blew. I told whoever who answered the phone to stop transferring my calls from one end of the company to the other end. I told the person to transfer me to a person who knows what the hell an EpiPen is and that I want answers and I want them today! And I told the person if they were to hang up on me, they will see me in person. (I got the person's name.)

Yes, I was that pissed.

There was silence on the other end at first and then they transferred me to another department. The woman who answered this time told me that I needed to speak to a particular lady who is in charged of importing of medications. Apparently, only this lady would know what is actually going on. She gave me the lady's contact number.

So I contacted Miss-Only-She-Knows-What's-Happening.

She was very helpful and professional. And yes, there has been a shortage of EpiPens for the past few months due to the Mylan episode where the auto-injectors jammed and couldn't discharge the epinephrine. Due to that, Mylan stopped their production of EpiPens for a few weeks. Thus, the shortage of EpiPens is due to a backlog of demand. Too much demand and too little supply.

I have kept myself abreast of what was happening with Mylan and its scandal of increasing its prices and its auto-injector failure. But I did not know about this shortage! Miss-Only-She-Knows-What's-Happening told me that it's a worldwide shortage and even if I were to go to neighbouring countries, I would not be able to find one. She said Mylan has not replied her queries on when this would be over. What she can advice is that for us to hold on to our expired EpiPens. They would still function even though they are expired. BUT, you must head to the ER IMMEDIATELY without wasting any time after injecting yourself with the EpiPen. One does not know how much strength the epinephrine has after expiry. She also said that EpiPens have not been discontinued.

My pharmacist from the nearby hospital gave the same advice: Hang on to our expired EpiPens. Use them in anaphylaxis episodes. Head to ER IMMEDIATELY without wasting any time.

I did some online searching and found these:

Click on EpiPen Shortage in Canada.

According to the website above, two Epi-pens Junior are equivalent to one adult dose. Alternatively, one could carry an ampule (filled with epinephrine) and a syringe.

Click on EpiPen Shortage in Australia.

Click on EpiPen Shortage in UK.

The ER doctor who treated me at the hospital nearby my place told me if ever EpiPens were to be unavailable, there's always this old-fashion option:

You can carry this with a syringe in a pouch (that is you have some knowledge on how to break the vial and which syringes to use to draw the solution and to jab yourself with). And yes, the balls to do so too.
Good luck with your quest for new Epis.

By the way, Mylan now sells EpiPens in twin packs. One pen costs RM485. A twin pack would now cost you RM970.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Baked Saffron & Garlic Chicken


1. 4 chicken chop (chicken thigh/drumstick deboned)
2. 6 cloves of garlic (outer layer removed and chopped into very fine)
3. A few strands of saffron
4. Juice of 1 lemon (you can omit this if you're on a low-salicylate diet)
5. Sea-salt
6. Pepper


1. Mix all ingredients and marinate chicken with it.

2. Place in fridge for a few hours.

3. Preheat oven at 230C.

4. Line baking tray with baking paper.

5. Place the chicken chops on the baking tray (skins facing down).

6. Bake for 25 minutes.

7. Turn the chicken chops over (with skins now facing upwards).

8. Continue baking for another 25 minutes.

9. Serve with hot rice.

Bon appetit!

Friday, 9 March 2018

9 Years!

9 years ago on this very day, my life changed in ways I could never ever dream of. I could never be 'normal' ever again. It was very difficult as I had a child who was at that time, 4 years old. But it was the 4 year-old-child that kept me going.

I can't say that my immune system is 100% back on track. But I can say that I'm much better where salicylates are concerned. And I've managed to wean off my meds. I'm still in the midst of climbing the icy-mountain chemically-wise. Like my immunologist said, "There are tens of thousands of chemicals in the world. And hundreds are being produced in the shortest amount of time. There are no tests in the world to test which ones are causing havoc. You will never find the answer to this. It is a life-long fight. You just have to learn to maneuver your life."

I guess avoidance has done my immune system much good. By avoiding salicylates, chemicals and unhealthy food, it has given my immune system a chance to heal. Not only did my body heal, my soul healed too.

I no longer ask questions such as, "WHY ME?" or "WHEN will all this end?". I no longer feel that life is unfair. I don't think, "IF ONLY" or "WHAT IF". I have moved on.

Shit happened. And there's nothing that can be done about it.

But this journey has made me to be so much stronger. Made me to be much more resilient. (My husband promoted me from Woman of Steel to Woman of Titanium!) Taught me to be patient. Learned to let go of a lot of things in life. Learned to finally be confident of who I am and couldn't give a damn of what others think of me. Taught me to finally be free of Fear. And I finally learned what Life is all about. I'm grateful and thankful for this journey.

In ancient Greece and Egypt, the number 9 represents completion. As this journey reaches another phase, may the completion of this era bring much health, peace and joy!

*picture taken from HERE

*picture taken from HERE

*picture taken from HERE

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Meat Mincer

Many, many months ago, a shop which sold kitchenware and utensils had a closing down sale near my place. I got this meat mincer for Joel. I wanted him to experience the "art" of mincing meat the manual way. Haha.... Of course life is made easy with the TMX. But this is good experience for him. This only cost me RM20+.

The setback to this was the juice of the raw chicken would flow out from the back where the handle was. But the whole thing can be washed!

Chicken balls.
Chicken balls noodle soup! YUMMY!

Monday, 26 February 2018

Totally Scent Free!

I saw this being sold in Grocer at Starling Mall. I took a whiff and it doesn't have any fragrance. Unfortunately, the price is quite steep: RM15.90 for 500ml.

If you're desperate for something to wash your dishes (or bathrooms) that doesn't smell, you might want to try this.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Brushes for the TMX

Many people complain that it is not easy to wash the blades in the TMX jug. Here are the brushes that I use to wash the blades. The two pink brushes on the left are from the DAISO outlet. The blue one was from my old soya maker. The two brushes on the right are for bottle brushes. These brushes will help to get the blades cleaned!

Friday, 16 February 2018

Happy Dawg Year

Who Let the Dawgs Out?
"It's the Year of the Dog!" the gods shout.
"Here bark, there bark,
Everywhere bark, bark!" you snark.

"Well, life isn't about the doggy in the window,
The one with the waggly tail," you continue to bellow,
The heavens were silent,
And then the gods thundered like a mighty trident.

"The dogs are loyal,
The dogs are faithful.
Unlike the humans who can be ever so anal,
And extremely ungrateful!"

"The dogs are intelligent and protective,
And ever so playful.
With their noses they are the world's greatest detective.
With them the years would be joyful."

"The Year of the Dog,
Will ward off the fog.
Tough as there will be much challenges,
But there will be much more advantages,"

"This year of the Dog,
Will bring you much fortune,
No longer will your life be waterlogged,
Bad luck will be shortened."

The gods continued to thunder,
In all their might and splendour.
In a mighty unison roar,
They said to all:
"In this year of the Dog,
Go out and conquer the War!"

Wishing you a very 'paws-perous' Chinese New Year!

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Another Thermomix!

Back in November last year, I bought another Thermomix as I needed to save time by cooking two dishes at a time.

I bought it from the same agent I bought from two years back. Her name is Jasmin Choy. The reason I bought my Thermomix machines from her is that she has a support group on Facebook. If you have any problems or questions regarding recipes or how to use the machine, it's all in that support group. There are tons of recipes and TIPS shared in her support group. Even though I am not an active Facebook user, I know that there's a place I can go to if I ever have any issues or questions. The after sales service is really good.

If you are keen in buying a Thermomix, I would suggest that you contact Jasmin Choy and request for a demo.

Here is her email:

Alternatively, you can look for her on Facebook.

Here is her profile:

p.s. I am not getting paid for writing this. I am sharing this so that others who are like me who have to cook every single day can do so without the hassle of cleaning up the whole kitchen.

Monday, 5 February 2018


About 4 to 5 months back, I had an infection in the lower eyelid. I went to see a GP and was prescribed Kloraxin gel together with Fucithalmic eye drops.

I was given some very good advice by a doctor I saw about 12 years back. He said when trying new medicine, use one at a time so that if there's any allergy reaction, one would know which is the trigger. Imagine you're given 4 different concoctions and you took all 4 together and then had a reaction. Which is the trigger? You will have no idea.

So I tried Fucithalmic eye drops first. Everything went well.

Then I used the Kloraxin late in the evening. I jumped up from my sleep in the middle of the night with my scalp itching and it felt like it was on fire. And I felt that I was heading towards an anaphylaxis episode.

I got out of bed and washed my eyes. I stayed awake and didn't go back to sleep.

I got a shock the next morning as I looked as though someone had punched me in the eye. Hubby and son said I looked as though I had cried nonstop for hours.

I swallowed a Piriton, called my eye specialist and headed to the clinic immediately.

He told me that normal people with no allergies react to Kloraxin. What more with people like me! He does not even keep Kloraxin in his clinic. He does not prescribe Kloraxin at all!

He gave me another type of antibiotics eye drops which I had used before. That worked very well. The name of the drops is Cravit.

Thank god that the episode did not snowball into an anaphylactic episode!

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Sugar in Hospitals!

Many patients who face malnutrition are fed with protein shakes to help boost their daily calories. The problem with the shakes are that they are loaded with sugar, sugar and MORE sugar.

To read about this, click on LINK.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Do You Wash Your Grocery Bags?

You go to the grocery store. You then proceed to the place where they keep the trolleys and baskets. You select the cleanest trolley/basket. (That's what you think!) And then you place your groceries into the trolley/basket.

Once you're done selecting your groceries, you head to the counter. You place your groceries on the counter before they are placed into your grocery bags.

You go home and then keep your groceries in the fridge.

You repeat this same routine every time you do your groceries.

Do you ever wonder what kind of germs your grocery bags are harbouring?

Have you seen parents placing their kids in the trolleys? I've even witnessed parents placing their toddlers in the baskets! Just think of where their shoes have been! Public toilets, eateries, the roadside.

And there are those who place raw food with their juices dripping out from the packaging into the trolley/basket.

And then you place your groceries in them!

And in they go into your grocery bags after payment.

And then there are people who mix their raw food with their fruits and vegetables when placing into the grocery bags! That's a NO!

I wash my grocery bags as often as I can. I even wipe clean every single thing I buy home before placing them in the fridge or pantry. I'm sure the cockroaches, lizards and rats are having parties once the store closes for the night.

Don't believe me?

Click on LINK to read more.

Click HERE to read.

Also click HERE to read.

And if you're not bothered to wash your reusable bags once you've read the links, I've got nothing else to say.

And then you wonder why you're shitting your entrails out....

*picture taken from HERE
*picture taken from HERE

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Keep Calm 2018!

The year 2017 seems to have passed by like a Ferrari in a F1 race. It travelled so fast like a speeding bullet that it left many scrambling to see what had flown past right in front of them. It left many grasping at the wind with perplexity and much regret. Many bemoaned if only they had more time. If only they could turn back time.

(cue Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time")

If only, if only, if only...

So what shall we do about 2018?

1. Do Something!

Do something. Anything. Don't just let IA ruin and rule your life! Even a 1-minute walk will do you good for starters. Or a 5-minute meditation to help you keep calm. Or some arts and crafts. Read more books. Write poetry. Play Sudoku. Conquer Mount Himalaya in your mind. Play a musical instrument. Listen to music. Listen to MORE music.

2. Try Something New!

What would you like to do in 2018 which you've never done in 2017 but had wanted to do so? (Something that doesn't jeopardizes your health!) Just Do It!

3. Eat Healthy & Move That Bum!
Eat food that your system is able to accept. On top of that, have some movement. Walking about in your house is a good start.

4. Say No to Sugar!

Try eliminating sugar from your diet. You'll see a huge change in your health.

5. Stay Happy

Happiness = Healthy Mind & Soul = Healthy Body!

6. Just Fake It!

The mind is a powerful weapon! So by believing in yourself, YOU can make it happen in 2018.

7. Relax! Enjoy Life!

Life is too short to not enjoy. Enjoy in whatever ways you can. It can be just relaxing on your couch and listening to music. Or you can enjoy the silence. Learn to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

8. No Means No!

Learn to say NO when you're not able to help others and YOURSELF. Sometimes you have to say no even to yourself. You know, when you want to indulge in forbidden food that you know you won't be able to survive. NO!

9. No Junk Food!

That includes junk food for the soul too. Such as mindless and aimless time wasted trolling on social media reading, liking and spreading fake news.

10. You Can Do Better!
Last but not least:


*taken from HERE

**All Keep Calm pictures were taken from HERE

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Allergy to Meat Caused by Ticks!

Imagine eating meat that was bitten by ticks. And that bite on the meat can cause allergy reaction to the ones who eat the meat!

Click on LINK to read more about this.

Also click HERE.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Product Reviews (4) - Nellie's All-Natural Laundry Soda

One blue scoop is all you need.

When I got my front loading HE washing machine, I had to look everywhere for a laundry detergent which was not perfumed AND suitable for my HE washing machine. The one that I had been using wasn't suitable for the HE machine. It foamed up to the point that it almost overflowed out from every outlet of the machine.

I found Nellie's All-Natural Laundry Soda at ACE Hardware for RM109+. It can wash 100 loads. 1 load is RM1.09. I think that is reasonable. And the clothes have no fragrance at all.

The ingredients are coconut oil based surfactants, sodium carbonate (soda ash), sodium metasilicate, fatty alcohol ethoxylate and sodium chloride.

Like I said, when I find something suitable, the universe will go all out against me. ACE Hardware has discontinued importing this product. All their old stocks are sold at 50%. I went to whatever outlets that still had this product and bought it all. That will at least give me some time to look for a new one.

Verdict: It has no smell, no foam - perfect for a HE washing machine.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

It's About Time!

Click on LINK to read more about the FDA making it easier for generic Epi Pens to come into the market.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Product Reviews (3) - DeMitze

They have different sizes: single, queen and king.

I have used this for almost 10 years now. The material is super smooth and the sewing is very tiny to ensure minimal gaps.

Our mattresses, pillows and bolsters are all encased in this. The best way to using this is to wrap your stuff when they are new. That will minimise dust exposure and thus minimising dust mites (dust mites thrive on dust).

But you can do so with your old stuff too.

The DeMitze cover.
Normal protector.
Bolster case.
Washing instructions.
They have dust mite spray too, but I have never bought this nor have I used this. 
Verdict: Buy this to encase your mattresses, pillows and bolsters. I have no regrets. They work well for us.